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The face behind the artwork of Rangsaazi.com is Pankaj Kovind.
He like to stay engrossed in his world of creating new art most of the time. Being in the zone of exploring, imagining, and creating artworks is what makes him tick. However, it is also crucial for him to reach out and connect to the outside world to showcase his art, so the Rangsaazi.com happened.
By education, Pankaj is a mechanical engineering degree holder and have 10 years of automotive design, development, testing, quality, sourcing etc. in 2-wheelers, 4-wheelers & commercial segment and had have been associated with world known automotive OEM brands like Ford, Harley-Davidson, JBM Group, Bwi Group etc.
He is interested in the visual arts and greatly fascinated with color and nature, which inspires his work.

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